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Can the Peoples of Six Nations help save all Nations worldwide from a Global Corporate Coup D’état?

Open Letter: To the Peoples of Six Nations



Can the Peoples of Six Nations help save all Nations worldwide from a Global Corporate Coup D’état?


By Nicole Lebrasseur September 30, 2017


We have no doubt that the People of Six Nations  and the Great Law Constitution (people democracy) have the potential to do just that. We hope you will agree because it’s time to take action. It’s now or never before it’s too late.  Six Nations can be our saving grace.

It’s up to each and every one of you to decide if you can and want to do this!

If you want to stand up against Canadian government treason and unlawful taxation, etc., then please contact us as soon as possible. Together, we have a real legal chance to turn everything around for the benefit of the Nations and the People.

First of all, we’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this note to you. We hope that you are somewhat aware of the globalization worldwide coup d’état measures being undertaken by the World Bank, the UN, the Private Banking Corporations and the Canadian and worldwide governments through the Public-private partnerships (P3’s) which are 25-35 yr. public-private corporate contracts established through new incorporations. (See HWY 407).

There exists only two types of democracy in the world. Like most, People have no idea what is coming within the UN global corporate governance agenda. They are coming fast. This is no joke! You can help us stop them by helping us to reach people everywhere. We already have people in other countries looking at following our example as to how we can all work together. Fortunately for us, if they can get organized, their countries  have smaller populations and easier to put them on the right path.

For the first time in History, the Peoples of Six Nations and all other Indigenous Nations world’s teachings could take center stage to showing the people worldwide true peace that can be found in a truly legitimate Constitution such as found within the Great Law.

Only two types of democracy have been recognized on Turtle Island A.K.A. North America 

  1. The European false Greek democracy and;
  2. The Great Law Constitution

To help stop the corporate agenda of those who are trying to control the world; the Great Law needs to be introduced to all countries along with some of the teachings known by many nations. There is no other option if the People of Six Nations want your rights recognized on a world stage.  This can be done by countries working together for what is right.

The people worldwide need to see that there are better ways of doing things instead of a controlled agenda by a few. We have the potential  to show how people can become the final decision makers in our countries and how we can all work together in a 50/50 direct democracy governance in Canada with the Nations which could also serve as another example in making things right for all.

We can also show how the people and our Canadian prosperity funds can ensure that all corporations in Canada including your businesses can be protected by the people and make sure they never face hostile takeovers by international corporations because this is what is happening now.

The Canadian government and the Private corporations in bed with them will take control of all lands. They even have the power to take over your corporations and all corporations across Canada because our incorporated companies all fall under the Crown Corporation of Canada. AFN is also a part of the P3’s in establishing the corporate agenda in Canada. If you doubt this, don’t ask a lawyer, read the Crown Corporation documents yourself. Only by doing your own research, will you know the truth for yourself.

From what we have witnessed, most lawyers have no clue what is going on and for them, the p3’s is a cash cow lottery. Most will only work for the corporations and not represent the people or employees against the corporations. For lawyers and your court cases, whether you win or lose, they still get paid.

Furthermore, there are no laws protecting the Nations and their incorporated businesses within the Indian Act., which is up for termination. There will be nothing really to replace the Indian Act other than negotiations undertaken under the pretense of Nation to Nation negotiations with your Band Councils.

What is being seen happening worldwide and in Canada is that our governments  and the Supreme Court are also changing the Criminal code of Canada to suit the international private corporations such as the World Bank to eventually have everyone being  placed in debts that will not be able to get paid and then they will repossess territories and countries as they have done with Greece including seizing everyone’s bank accounts.

There are no laws stating that you as being indigenous or being on Indigenous lands that you don’t have to pay corporate tax anywhere.  Corporations were not included in treaties and neither  within treaties 1-11, nor the new treaties unless specifically written in as new agreements.

As an FYI: all treaties during the war of 1812 that were not renegotiated were revoked. Once you go to war, all bets are off the table. This is why Canada does not recognize older treaties other than 1 to 11.

Now, the World Bank through the UN and Public-Private Partnerships will eat everyone alive sooner than later. They are going after huge TAXATION INCREASES to small businesses/companies including those who make less than 5 million a year such as; restaurants, doctors, and even the lawyers who failed to see the truth and helped the few create the snake that eats’ its tail. Then, the others will be next. Once you understand the p3’s and their actions, not just as a business owner but a human being, then you can see it plain as day. What those at the top of the pyramid have created for the complete control of humanity is brilliant to say the least because most people do not see what is happening before their eyes.  Even those part of the 1% wealth, will be destroyed and lose to the few, who are manufacturing all of this.

Where can you fit in and how can you help? That’s easy. We’d like to have a chance to talk with you before our work takes us away from Six Nations territory,  so that you could see just why we feel that you can all provide all that is needed to save not only Six Nations territory but every country worldwide before it is too late. The people of Six Nations united can help us protect everyone, Canada and this territory from municipal, provincial and corporate takeovers.

The taxation you pay to Canada under your Canadian  incorporations can be reverted to  the Six Nations under a well thought out strategy and tax deductible because the People of Six Nations can launch a traditional tribunal and re-affirm the Great Law 100% consensus. However, doing this means bypassing band council and the confederacy which is needed because unfortunately, the people are too divided and neither will not have the support of at least 51% of those registered to Six Nations to support band council nor confederacy.

Creating something new where the people have control may get them to participate is extremely important or they will risk losing everything. Then at this point, Confederacy and Band council can work within the new strategy without having final decision making authority as that belongs only to the Peoples of Six Nations  together which is what the Great Law is really about.

Although you may have a hard time understanding or believing what we are saying, if you take the time to listen even further, we  can prove what we say through the actions undertaken by all levels within the Canadian government and the (misleading) United Nations.

We hope that you will listen and not shoot the messenger  and allow us a few hours of your time. We truly feel and believe that the People of Six Nations can help us and people worldwide turn this around but we are running out of time.

If you choose to act upon this call or not, we will have done our duty in trying to get your attention and those of Six Nations. We leave this in your hands and hope that you will contact us A.S.A.P. If not, then we wish you well and we will move on. But we do feel that the Peoples of Six Nations are the People who can make things right.

With much respect and gratitude for your time,


Nicole Lebrasseur





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