September 26th, 2019


Catchy title huh? But this can be a reality in the sense that Canadians are the collective true shareholders, co-owners of the Crown of Canada. This collective right has been stolen from us by our governments and it’s still happening today.

However, It’s up to each of us to take action before we lose our rights to secure our assets and pensions, etc., and before the pending global economic collapse is here.



We are asking everyone’s help in focussing on legally stopping the Canadian Government from finalizing the trade of our national, economic and Indigenous sovereignty for globalization.  As both the Indigenous Nations and Canadian citizens collective rights are being pushed aside via UN International law which, destroys our national and natural resource rights within our country. People of Countries should not have to chose between their collective or national and natural resource rights for personal human rights as done with the Swiss. Both can be combined.

What do we need to do?

We need both Indigenous and Canadian representation from all the provinces in court to file combined Constitutional and Intentional Tort Class Actions against the Canadian Government and Public-Private Partnership Corporations.

FYI: A group in France have also joined us to undertake the same actions in their country and are ready to launch. Each country will need to do the same as the law of 1960 is also viable for all countries  suffering some of the same issues.

How  can we do this?

We will prove without a doubt that Canadians and the Indigenous Nations were free and that:

  1. Queen Elizabeth is the wrongful sovereign of Canada fraudulently placed in the Canadian Constitution even though she has no lawful rights as that has been taken by the Canadian government. Canadian and the Indigenous nations are free people living in a free democratic country.
  2. the Indigenous nations and Canadian together as a collective have the right to determine their self-governance and self determination as well as right to chose the system of governance they want together, as we further have the right to our political and civil rights.

This means that the Nations and Canadians needed to be at the negotiating table in 1931, 1960 and 1982 on all issues affecting Canada, Canadian and indigenous governance.

This is where the Two Row can be instilled in a much better governing and economic measure to satisfy equality between both the Nations and Canadians. Both equally represented in a 50/50 control of our country before we lose it to the control of the private corporations under a world corporate governance as being done now and established since 2017 without the consent of Canadians and the Indigenous nations.

Doing so would instill a true Direct democracy system of governance as with the Great Law consensus of the people on all aspects required by the people to a collective veto right above our governments and judiciary.

How can this be done?

We need financial help in the form of refundable financial pledges or donations for legal and court costs to be able to prove to the courts that we can financially qualify to challenge the Canadian Government and the Constitution before we are too late.

Usually class actions financial costs are undertaken by the Law firms however, the firms we have contacted are presently claiming conflict of interest either because of their clients or their association to the Canadian Government. Unfortunately, it means that we need to fund these actions ourselves and find representation at our costs and not at the cost of a Law firm.

Why are we certain that the people on both sides of the Two Row Wampum Treaty should and can do this?

The international law was already established yet no one ever challenged it on the merits of International binding Law precedents. What we have are facts and are irrefutable.

Not to mention that the Canadian Governments since at least 1982 should have replaced the Queen, and made the people the sovereigns with veto power by the majority over the executive, instead of the government giving themselves that exclusive power.  Further adding that since 2008, the government both conservatives and liberals including Maxime Bernier (who said nothing) as they have been purposely negligent by having initiated Illegal and unconstitutional financial statements through the pushing of the IFRS instead of the GAAP along with enforcing all private corporations to utilise it. Furthermore, they have asked the auditors and securities officials to find ways to make what is illegal, legal before having effected a constitutional change. Arrogance has no bounds.

The timing is ripe and the doors have opened for these class actions to instill true justice for the people. Neither the Indigenous nations nor the Canadian people can afford to miss this opportunity.

Finally, we are asking Canadians to join the Canadian Peoples Union and to unite with the indigenous nations in order to right the wrongs of our governments before it’s too late.

If you want to help save your country by joining the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP, please see our website class action information and pledge link below. Those who simply want to make a donation the links is also inserted.

Class Actions:




For those with questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Warmest regards,

Nicole Lebrasseur

The Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP

Tel: (226) 777-5580

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