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Need a SOLUTION to our Canadian PROBLEMS?

Together, Canadians and First Nations have the right to lawfully/legally decide to take back our power from the present de facto dictatorship Representative false democracy.  Doing this will remove final decision making authority from all levels of government instilled through representative democracy VOTING every 4 years.   Taking back our POWER will place the Canadian [...]

Are YOU ready to help save CANADA from our treasonous Governments?

   February 17, 2018 Are you ready to help save our Country from our treasonous Governments and stop globalization being implemented through the UN and World Bank Corporate Public Partnership agenda and a forced redistribution of people worldwide? To do so requires NO FEAR and NO DOUBT that: NOTHING in LAW supersedes the WILL of [...]

Tembec Inc; Canadian Dream to Abused Employees and How Committing White Collar Crime “Securities Fraud” Pays in CANADA.

Tembec - James Lopez and Rayonier - Paul G. Boynton Tembec, the FAIRYTALE exemplary employee owned company that fell down the rabbit hole, consumed by Corporate greed and an apparently "International friendly takeover" by a CEO guilty of Securities Fraud in a settlement of 73 million dollars US, April 12, 2017.  Nicole Lebrasseur / February [...]

UK Prime Minister Theresa May needs to mind her own business about Catalonia Spain’s Independence

October 20, 2017 UK Prime Minister Theresa May needs to mind her own business about Catalonia Spain's Independence and learn about Constitutional facts.  As NOTHING in LAW supersedes the WILL of the PEOPLE", not even a constitution, especially one that is de facto.  A constitution is not written in stone. It can be crushed and [...]

Have You Been Denied Your Short/Long Term Disability by WSIB, CSST or Insurance Company?

The Canadian Peoples Union will be launching a CLASS ACTION case against Sun Life Assurance/ Insurance and other such companies including the associated organizations who are paid by them as well as with Canadian Government agencies who may have also denied your claims. Organizations such as independent medical assessors may be liable of conflict of interest [...]


*** What will the future of our Canadian Doctors, small businesses  look like after the World Bank and their Private Bankers et al and the UN private corporate takeover of all infrastructure and social programs  worldwide?  What will happen to all of us once these are completely finalized in Canada? Global governance ( one world [...]

You don’t recognize Canada and it doesn’t feel like your country anymore?

* * Are you being denied your benefits by your Insurance/ Assurance companies, WCIB and CSST, Employment Insurance or Social services?   * If so, please contact us as soon as possible, as we have created a legal not for profit "Canadian Peoples Union, Freedom 2017" to create a united front in finally resolving issues [...]

Can the Peoples of Six Nations help save all Nations worldwide from a Global Corporate Coup D’état?

Open Letter: To the Peoples of Six Nations   *** Can the Peoples of Six Nations help save all Nations worldwide from a Global Corporate Coup D'état? * By Nicole Lebrasseur September 30, 2017   We have no doubt that the People of Six Nations  and the Great Law Constitution (people democracy) have the potential [...]

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