This is an urgent 2020, Canadian public interest announcement.

This urgent announcement is to let everyone know that the Canadian Governments have stolen the peoples sovereign veto rights that place us as the final decision makers over the government. Our Canadian Sovereignty is being destroyed by our own politicians in exchange for the world government, global governance. Our governments have also handed over our [...]

Federalism in Canada – Can you find where the Chief Justice falters in his statements?

Speech by Chief Justice John D. Richard At an International Seminar for United States Lawyers November 12 and 13, 2004   Today, I would like to provide an overview of Canadian federalism: the historical circumstances which gave rise to it, the evolution of the constitution on which it is based, and the way it has [...]

Open Letter: Are You Ready To Help Save Your Country and Become Billionaires?

September 26th, 2019   Catchy title huh? But this can be a reality in the sense that Canadians are the collective true shareholders, co-owners of the Crown of Canada. This collective right has been stolen from us by our governments and it's still happening today. However, It's up to each of us to take action [...]
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