Did you know that Canada had lent 4.5 Billion dollars to Britain and other Countries?


By Nicole Lebrasseur

The creation of the league of Nations and WW1, lead to the Imperial Conferences leading up to 1931, were pivotal to the initiation of the international governing elite of the newly liberated countries, in initiating their silent worldwide Coup, through the deception within representative democracy.

Shortly after that came WW2, and the further dismemberment and financial debilitation of Independent European countries such as the UK, France, Ireland, and Asian countries, like China and so on, who were still under the British Imperial Colonial control, including countries such as Saudi Arabia.


To know what has truly transpired, one must look at history and the decolonization from colonial countries such as the UK, USA, France and Spain launched in 1960.

What else do these facts tell you and better yet,  what did this mean for Canada and the USA?

By 1941, England was in financial ruin and had needed help from the commonwealth countries. This initiated business deals between Britain and other countries with the USA for Guns, ammunition, and tanks etc., on a ” pay as you go” basis, until a new agreement was reached. The new agreement was called the Lend-Lease Acts which came into force between countries giving financial help to England and the others.

The USA set aside 50 Billion dollars of which England received 900 million dollars, and the balance of funds were split between the other countries such as, France and the others to assist.

Since the onset of WW2, Canada’s Mutual Aid program sent a loan of $1 billion and $3.4 billion in both services and supplies to Britain and other Countries.  Australia and New Zealand, followed suit to the tune of 1 Billion Dollars each, and perhaps more.  The Lend-Lease Act loans to Britain were finally paid off to Canadians in 2006.

What needs to be understood here is that England was virtually financially broke and this gave great leverage to the USA. Especially given the colonial control Britain had over other countries. But given ww2, that scenario was about to change and how convenient was it for the USA to jump right in?

It paid off more than anyone can imagine.  Business in America was booming since it made it possible for the USA to be able to enforce the severance of the commonwealth country cheaper trade deals. It also gave them the ability to create the United Nations, then NATO, the World Bank, and World Trade organization in order to be in control, as the country who funded the most, and therefore, got the most votes and control within these organizations.

This is why they were further established in the USA and why US presidents get to pick and choose who will be the next president of the World Bank which is the head of  the World Bank Group. This group includes the United Nations and IMF.

As much as the actions of the USA was grand of them, we can now see that the US Government, had ulterior motives for their generosity.

The smoke and mirrors created by the governing corporate elite through a worldwide political coup of representative democracy is no surprise as to why humanity,  or even just the Canadian people have been manipulated through words, and a false sense of trust.

What’s truly amazing and at the same time, horrific, is that almost 8 billion people can’t seem to see  through the veils of deception. If they do see through the veils of deception, then they feel as far too many that I have seen, think that they are powerless to change things, but that is the farthest thing from the truth.

If we look deeper into Canada and the connections of our politicians who became Prime Ministers such as John A MacDonald, Mackenzie King, Pierre E. Trudeau and son, Brian Mulroney, Stephen Harper just to name a few,  and even Michael Ignatieff although he lost the election, all had been sent to us by the power elites of the USA and especially the Council of Foreign relations CFR and most notably, the USA World Federalist Movement’s New World Order (NWO).

If you want to know who rules in Canada, then we must look to no further than to John Manley, founder of the North American Union with now deceased Robert Pastor and Security Prosperity Partnerships (SPP) and those like the Desmarais family within the Council of Canadian Chief Executives (CCCE) and now, the Canadian Council of Public Private Partnerships (CCPPP), and International Financial Reporting System IFRS, that is nothing short of a fraudulent accounting scheme.

What will it take for people to join the PowerShift, and helping the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP to take a lawful stand, by each of us taking our rightful places in Canadian Governance, instead of giving our power away, as we have done for the last 153 years?

The choice between ignoring our collective rights, or enforcing it to gain our freedom, is up to each of you. I know what I want, and I will keep fighting for it for as long as I live, but whether it happens or not, depends on you, on all of us. Without unity, nothing will get better, it will only get worse as we are seeing now.

Don’t you think, that it is high time, that we all powershift together, for a better future?




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