Direct Democracy School

Direct Democracy School – We The People Governance, turning Taxation into Dividends!

 From the heart, out of the box “common sense” grassroots teachings…

 Educating ourselves in every community is the KEY!

There is an urgent need for Collaborative, Liquid Direct Democracy Schools within our Countries; Pure Direct Democracy is PEOPLE POWER anything less, is unacceptable…

  • There are many forms of Direct Democracy, it isn’t a “ONE SIZE” fits all.
  • All of these SOLUTIONS can be adapted and improved upon in Canada and other Countries.
  • Citizens should design their own so that they are ensured that it will be the best fit for their Countries.
  • As long as we implement the Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment “Citizen’s Convention of Consent Declaration Contract Form” we will remain in control of our Governance.

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Please see the sample “In-Class” Curriculum below. More locations and sessions to follow.

Thank you for your patience!


  1. Democracy History
  2. North American History of Canada, the USA, Mexico & Turtle Island
  3. Indigenous Law: “The Great Law” Direct Democracy
  4. Environmental Law: The Law of the Land
  5. Placing People over Corporations
  6. The difference between Judicial and Political issues
  7. Municipal, Provincial, Territorial, Constitutional Rights Based Laws – People Power
  8. Differences between Legal, Lawful and De Facto Governments
  9. Democracy Types and Why our Democracy doesn’t work
  10. Pro’s, Con’s and Myths of Direct Democracy
  11. We are Treaty Countries after all!
  12. How do we establish a True Direct Democracy?
  13. Municipal, Territorial, Provincial and Federal interconnected Collaborative Constituency Parliament
  14. Judicial Court Systems, De Facto Governance, Representative and Proportional Political Representation and the United Nations Corporate Global Governance
  15. Public Banking, Municipal and Territorial People’s Credit Unions and Community Public Trusts
  16. Self-Determination and Self-Governance Coexistence through the “Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment” Convention of Consent
  17. Meeting in the Middle – Two Row Living Constitution


You are welcomed to request a 2 day session in your city as well as inviting your friends to pre-register for your area.

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We have created a solid foundation to initiate a path where everything we do will have a legal standing, and this is critically important to guide the people anywhere to start walking and looking in the same direction. This begins with us, the initial collaborators and through our ability to build a strong team of dedicated individuals.  We will inspire mainstream to build a trustworthy relationship where no one will be mislead at any level.


Given what we are all facing within the UN Corporate Global Governance  agenda  of  Corporate International Law veto rights to rule all Nations and as time is of the essence to stop the UN’s underlying agenda  of complete control of our Sovereign Countries and Peoples, our main reason for contacting you is that we do not want to have to reinvent the wheel in order to collectively move forward as a united front in the protection of all of our Peoples and Countries.

Our purpose and hope is to bring everyone’s strengths together in order to speed up the process of educating  the people in a manner that will empower them through the bottom up approach not only here but worldwide.

International Trade Deals like the TPP will affect all peoples within the 29 Countries signing them. In Canada, much like every other Country, including the USA, we are losing  our rights to determine what happens with our own natural resources. We will have 28 votes against us regarding our own Country and our People. Not to mention, that Saudi Arabia and a US corporation already own our Canadian Wheat board.

Our  Ontario Public Electric company which is owned by the people is being sued for billions of dollars  through the World Trade under a “Discrimination Clause” since we resell ourselves our energy programs. Furthermore, Canada is now the leading Country in being the most sued Country in the world.

This type of assault on our First Nations and Citizens must be stopped at all costs. Our Prime Minister has already signed the COP 21 treaty which will bring about international law above our jurisdiction without the consent of the Citizens (settlers) or the First Nations. Furthermore, the Nations have always maintained that they are not specifically North American but the Nations of Turtle Island (Canada, US and Mexico) and have fought long and hard to have dual passage within at least Canada and the US. This is something that people on both sides of the border need to be aware of and to respect.

On our home front, Canada and the USA are both TREATY Countries, through the present international political decolonization law and precedence, given the 80 decolonized Countries without the threat of corrupted judges and legal system that is far from lawful, the First Nations have a right to be at the negotiation tables which have been systematically denied to them in an unfair and effective manner not only here but worldwide.

When looking at the big picture then working our way down to the community level, it is clear that the only solution for the citizens and the nations in stopping the insanity we are living in was to produce an agreement for the citizens( settlers) to respect and agree upon when drafting or amending our Constitutions with the inclusion of Direct democracy ensuring that both sides come together in a 50/50 governance coexistence with the First nations  in regards to each of our countries.

The First Nations have many territories that were never ceded, hence Crown Lands still belong to them here and in the USA. They have always historically maintained their hunting, fishing and trapping rights on territories they only partially ceded to the colonies.

Things we all need to be aware of are that will determine whether we stave off the wolves or fall into the abyss of complete slavery to a corporate system:

The positioning of the “UNPOL” UN Police Force, Sept 29th 2015 through the initiation of the Strong Cities network by the Obama administration and our Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre at the United Nations which also includes The mayors from Toronto, Vancouver and others. (NOTE: A deep look at what has been happening in Quebec and the protesters need to be undertaken to see through the web of instigation and manipulation by the PTB to understand the dynamics of the situation)

The “Global Parliament of Mayors” scheduled for inauguration in Sept 2016 making false claims of self-governance and self-determination for the people which is based on the corporate municipal entity having veto power over the people within all participating communities. (watch for the fine line)

Those in governments and activists who blindly support the UNPA or the implications of COP 21 without having a full understanding of what that actually means (United Nations Parliament)

Those who can’t see beyond the illusion of a UN false democracy being created to usurp all of our Countries through humanity’s ignorance of the reality that is actually happening as actions speak volumes for those who can see beyond the illusions.

Although we can all agree that Countries need to support one another, we do not agree on a Global Corporate UN Government, established by corporate persons where these people who do not live within our countries can dictate what we do and how we live as that is for all of humanity to come together to decide and NOT by a mere 5000+ out of 7 billion people as the United Nations is claiming to have the right to decide for all of us within the UNPA (United Nations Parliamentary Assembly).

We must now all be extremely vigilant  in taking our stand  the proper way and not fall into a misleading abyss being undertaken through propaganda that is strategically manoeuvred by the PTB.  We are all walking a very fine line in understanding what is happening and how the manipulation of even the greatest of minds has been incorporated and enshrined through Papal Bulls such as the Doctrine of Discovery and exercised within a system of Law and Veto rights over the people thus creating a perpetual systematic enslavement of society through Colonialist methodologies instigated and controlled by the Papal Bulls.

Therefore, it is all of our responsibility to bring these things to light in an intelligent and masterful way so that our children worldwide and future generations will truly benefit once and for all. It’s time to get out of the groundhog day historical Ferris wheel effect and to decolonize ourselves and to finally turn taxation into dividends to benefit all of humanity and the protection of this planet from those using her destruction to further enslave us.

In conclusion, we have other videos that we have created containing the information within which can be seen on the website. If what we are proposing suits you, then we look forward to building a bridge with all other organizations that will benefit everyone on both sides of the border and worldwide.