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Creation of the Canadian Peoples’ Union (CPU) Freedom 2017 to stop the Corporate 3 P’s takeover and control of Canadian Assets and Infrastructure

*** URGENT- Here is our assessment of CANADA and the laws and how we are losing our country through a corporate coup d'etat being done world wide: We have Public Corporations (Crown Corporations of Canada - what the people own) and; Private corporations (what private corporations own). Private corporations are now running what the public [...]

Class Action Lawsuits, Personal Lawsuits and their Legal Heroes are desperately needed for Canada’s sake

ATTENTION ALL CANADIANS We have at least 3 Class Action cases for Canadian citizens we would like to discuss within the next few weeks.   *** The Canadian Government and Corporations as well as Employee Unions who support wrongful company policies need to be challenged regarding Human Rights,  Labour and Employment laws concerning corporate policies [...]

Billions in Canadian Taxpayer “Prosperity Fund” Giveaway to Private Corporations

Exactly how much Taxpayer Funding is available to Corporations? If you think Corporate and Bank bailouts are bad enough, wait until you find out about our Prosperity Fund giveaways... *** Why would Canadian and Provincial Governments give our Prosperity Funds to Private Corporations with the claim of securing jobs, when we could secure dividends and jobs through the [...]

What every Politician, Political Party and all Canadians and First Nations need to know about our FAKE Democracies!

What is true democracy and does it even exist?   Yes, true democracy does exist but its a well hidden truth. It's why we have focussed our lives on exposing it's existence so that people will no longer be robbed of the truth and their rights in each country! What we are working to avoid, [...]

Propaganda and Fake News created by the Canadian Government

What do you really think of NAFTA and the new International Trade Deals such as CETA and the TPP? These are only a few that you know about. But, what about all the other deals Canadians and the Indigenous Nations are not being made aware of? Take a look at the program from June 2009, (PDF) [...]

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