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Class Action Lawsuits, Personal Lawsuits and their Legal Heroes are desperately needed for Canada’s sake


We have at least 3 Class Action cases for Canadian citizens we would like to discuss within the next few weeks.



The Canadian Government and Corporations as well as Employee Unions who support wrongful company policies need to be challenged regarding Human Rights,  Labour and Employment laws concerning corporate policies which psychologically affect and undermine employees and their family’s human rights.

In a small town community where only one major corporation exists, it seems as though the company is constantly threatening the employees and the town as a whole of closures if the employees do not succumb to the corporation and its demands.

People are afraid which means that companies are holding entire towns under mental health harassment. Over 11 billion dollars a year is spent by Canadian taxpayers due to stress caused by employers. Read more Work Place Stress

Many company policies and others  including those of government agencies such as municipal employees are pressured into not speaking about their employer. The language used seems to send an underlying message that employees may be reprimanded if they post anything on social media or heard complaining about these companies or government agencies.

When an employee is given time off by their doctor because of employer intimidation and abuse, the company continues to harass the employee into coming to see their HR personnel claiming company policy so that they can perform investigations or to see other doctors for second opinions, thus, discrediting the medical professionals who issued the time off to begin with.  The corporation then threatens  the employees with firing since the corporation claims that the sick employee is not cooperating.

Since these threats are being made, then the employees feel forced into returning to work in fear of dismissal. This type of intimidation and arrogance  should never be allowed especially since the employees are stressed which is the reason why their doctors gave them time off from work until the employee is fit to address the issues.

It seems that because of International Trade Laws, that companies now think our Canadian and Provincial laws no longer affect them and that they can be as demanding and disrespectful of people’s rights on a global scale.

This has gone beyond the scope of infringement  by corporations  and their policies trying to supersede human rights, Canadian and Provincial laws not to mention the Employee Unions who seem to accept these tactics which would indicate a controlled opposition and conflict of interest.

Employee Unions should first and foremost be governed and decisions made and accepted only by the employees as Unions should only be advocates and not the final decision makers when defending the employees or to overtake employee rights to direct democracy which Unions should be governed by.

Laws and assumptions are being made by our governments and corporations that have yet to be challenged in a court of law. As long as they are not challenged, then these laws stand as being part of our corporate governing laws or our unwritten constitution. They seem to be pushing a fine line in the hopes that the citizens or employees will not challenge them.

Our country’s governance is run on speculation instead of facts beginning with the fact that Canadians have never agreed let alone asked after 1982 to be represented by the queen or the Governor general or even what types of governance system we would like to implement.

As being the official shareholders of the crown of Canada, Canadians deserve that right. However, our politicians refuse to give us referendums as stated within our constitution which is not even a true constitution agreed to by the people since  our formal decolonization in 1931.

We are hoping to find a Legal Firm that will help Canadians  to enforce change in our country before we lose all rights to globalization of Corporations who now have more rights than the Canadian citizens. What are we truly looking for, we are looking for common sense heroes.

If this is of any interest to anyone, please contact me.

Kind regards,

Nicole Lebrasseur

toll free 1. 519. 774.0850


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  1. Paul p

    I must wonder if it is not too late. It seems the fascists have already cemented control.
    Both the Liebrals and the Con artists are now owned by the very same people.
    And yet. It still seems the masses will not awaken in 2019.
    It’s the system we must bring down.
    And unfortunately they own it all now. The politicians the police and the courts.
    Will armed rebellion be our only hope. ??

    1. Nicole Lebrasseur

      Hello Paul, If we can get 51% of the population in a province and then in 6 other Provinces to esign our legally binding agreement between the citizens to instill a pure Direct Democracy system of Governance which is what should have been given to us in the first place in either 1931 or 1982, then it will not be too late as nothing in LAW (worldwide) supersedes the will of the people. Have faith.

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