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Why should you eSign the Citizen’s Convention of Consent?

In a Representative democracy such as ours, the People are the Crown of Canada, not the Government nor the Queen.

If you want your rightful Proxy, then, we need your help to lawfully enforce it. eSigning the Convention of Consent legally does that!

Furthermore, by Canadians forcing a Constitutional change, it also helps to bring the First Nations back to the negotiating table. It can create a winning combination for all.

1 – Rethinking the Canadian Economy; Common Sense Strategies.

2 – Ending Private Capitalism by Instilling People Power Economies in all of our Countries!

3 – Canadians can turn all Natural Resources dependent Industries into Public Crown Corporations.

As the true Crown of Canada shareholders, Canadians can turn Taxation into Dividends as the official Crown of Canada Shareholders making a Universal Dividend generated Income for all Canadians a true common sense reality without the tax burdens.

FYI and to be CLEAR: Nothing in law supersedes the WILL of the People.

This is fact and why elections are not justiciable through the courts because it is supposed to be  “the Will of the People” even if Canadians never did get a chance to decide what type of governance they wanted for themselves and their country.

The reality is that, the People in a democratic Country such as Canada can change what they want within their governance, when and as many times as they want,  as long as 51% majority agrees in a Province then the 51% majority change can also take place across Canada, whichever comes first.

The People don’t need the Government’s consent or the Courts because they hold all the power. The Citizen’s only need a legally binding contract to make the changes between themselves such as the Canadian Citizen’s Convention of Consent which can be easily eSigned online.


In reality, the People also control all Corporations licensed under the Crown of Canada and Provincial Crown Corporations, what they do and can’t do and even take them over if need be as they all fall under our Crown Corporation umbrella.

A NEW right way socialism is needed. How else can we stop corruption and plain insanity? Controlled socialism by governments are what people are used to seeing. The capitalists will not like this. Controlled socialism by the people is not a new concept either just forgotten.

But, if we are intelligent enough we can change everything for the better, what other choices do we have?

WE have NONE, so as the official shareholders of one vote per citizen, as how we govern ourselves and as to what we want for our country can be easily achieved one step at a time.

The first one being, the people’s veto power over our governance and those who run our public assets and draft the laws for us to accept or not, before passing any laws and regulations.

WE can then ensure what happens within the corporate structure of how business is done in Canada and what is to be accepted and what is not. All natural resourced based companies should be owned and controlled as public crown corporations as we are the crown of Canada.

Then, municipalities could launch new businesses owned 51% by the crown and 49% to employees as an example. This is where we can all get dividends and strengthen our economy instead of feeding capitalists.

Anything is possible if done the right way to make sure that Canadian people remain in control and not foreign entities.

Only YOU can help make this a REALITY, eSign your Canadian Citizen’s Convention of Consent. We will also be freeing ourselves from a treasonous De Facto Governance since 1931.

Be sure not to miss our press release Jan 17, 2017 in regards to all levels of the Canadian Governments beginning in 1931 and especially since 1982, committing acts of fraud against Trade Countries, Treason and Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Nonfeasance against both the Canadian Citizens and the Indigenous Nations.

Definition of Misfeasance, Malfeasance and Nonfeasance: Improper, negligent, or unlawful execution of an essentially lawful act, or a transgression or trespass such as misuse of authority by a firm’s director or officer. In comparison, a wrongful or unlawful act, especially by a public official, is malfeasance; and a failure to perform an act required by law, or failure to carry out an obligation, is nonfeasance. Read more:

We will also display within our report what Canadians and the Nations need to do to remedy this 150 year dictatorship rule and theft of Natural Resources, etc.

We thank you in advance for eSigning the Convention of Consent!

1931 Statute of Westminster

The Statute of Westminster, of 11 December 1931, was a British law clarifying the powers of Canada’s Parliament and those of the other Commonwealth Dominions. It granted these former colonies full legal freedom except in those areas where they chose to remain subordinate to Britain.

Statute of Westminster

First page (courtesy Library and Archives Canada/Manuscript Division).

Desire for Autonomy

Previously the British government had certain ill-defined powers, and ultimately overriding authority, over legislation passed by the Dominions — Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. Things began to change after the First World War, in which the sacrifices of Canada and other Dominions on European battlefields had stirred feelings of nationhood, and desires for greater autonomy from the mother country.
Canada began to assert its independence in foreign policy in the early 1920s: when the government of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King refused to commit to assisting British occupation forces in Turkey without approval of Parliament in Ottawa (see Chanak Affair); when it signed a fisheries treaty with the United States without British participation; and when it made plans to establish a Canadian embassy in Washington DC.

Imperial Conferences

The Imperial Conference of 1926 was a more formal step — giving initial legal substance to the Balfour Report declaration that same year, that Britain and its Dominions were constitutionally “equal in status.” The subsequent 1929 Conference on the Operation of Dominion Legislation and the Imperial Conference of 1930 continued to work towards agreement on fundamental changes in the Commonwealth’s complex legal system.

Gradual Change

Finally in 1931, at the request and with the consent of the Dominions, the Statute of Westminster was passed by the British Parliament, further clarifying and cementing the Dominions’ legislative independence.
Yet some limits remained. After consultation between Canada’s federal and provincial governments, the repeal, amendment or alteration of the British North America Acts, 1867–1930 — Canada’s Constitution — was specifically excepted from the terms of the statute. The amendment of the Constitution remained exclusively the preserve of the British Parliament until passage of the Constitution Act, 1982.
Nor did Canada immediately take up all of its new powers under the Statute of Westminster. Not until 1949, for instance, did the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, a British body, cease to be a final court of appeal for Canadians.

No Consultation, Fiduciary Duty or Liability in Public Law to the Canadian citizens

If  there is no Consultation, Fiduciary Duty or Liability in Public Law to the Canadian citizens, then our rights to referendums  are illusions manifested by a 150 year political dictatorship agenda !


Constitutional changes reflecting the People as the true Sovereigns of Canada and Collective Shareholders of the Crown Corporation of Canada ignored since 1931 and 1982.

Justin Trudeau: elected with only 39.5% of the votes through a Political Party Voting System never approved by the Citizens.

Prime Minister – Speaks for the People through elections
Queen of Canada: Never proclaimed Queen of Canada by its Citizens.
Speaks for the People – Sole Shareholder in Right of Canada and the Provinces for all of our assets as well as representative for the Commonwealth division and Military.

NOTE: As a constitutional monarch, The Queen no longer “rules” the country. However, as Canada’s Head of State, (as our unelected sovereign representative of aprx. 35 million Canadians) she remains a fundamental part of Canada’s system of government and our sense of identity. Read more

Bank of Canada ACT. : No liability if in good faith, (however our National debt is out of control since 1974 for no feasible reason since we have the right to create our own money instead of borrowing from private banks and incurred fees for the printing of our currency).

30.1 – No action lies against Her Majesty, the Minister, any officer, employee or director of the Bank or any person acting under the direction of the Governor for anything done or omitted to be done in good faith in the administration or discharge of any powers or duties that under this Act are intended or authorized to be executed or performed.

See document here


The Prime Minister or Premiers ACT as the Governors in COUNCIL and NOT the official photo taking Governor General. He only does what they tell him to do, signs documents giving automatic royal assent as though he is acting on our behalf for the Queen.

They wear three Hats and decide what we get and don’t get! Can you spell “conflict of interest & complete dictatorship”?

Don’t you think it’s HIGH TIME for real CHANGE for Direct Democracy?

Our Politicians made sure that Canadians were not owed fiduciary duty, this is a masterful display of deceit by the Governments/Legislatures.

What do you want to celebrate? 150 yrs. of more corruption and dictatorship or justice and freedom for all?