Our Mandate

Together we can reshape the future, join us for this Canadian made political  EVOLUTION!

What do you have to lose?

CPU Mandate

~ Forever a work in progress. Sadly however, time is running out! ~


Our MANDATE is to retrieve FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY from de facto governments at all levels, impose moratoriums on all government actions taken without full disclosure and consent of the majority of the Canadian people, demand that the Supreme Court of Canada UPHOLD Constitutional changes established in the Statute of Westminster 1931 and in the 1982 Constitutional patriation that firmly, lawfully and legally placed the people as official CO-OWNERS of the Crown of Canada ABOVE the Institutions (Government, Parliament, Courts, and Constitution], and lawful legal shareholders of the Crown and Crown Corporation of Canada with FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY to enforce required true referendums by the people in a DIRECT DEMOCRACY.


About Our Peoples’ Union

Our Peoples’ Union is about each and everyone of us taking simple, lawful initiatives to end dictatorship rule. This can be achieved by lifting the People into our rightful positions as the lawful, legal SHAREHOLDERS of our COUNTRIES and having the “FINAL DECISION MAKING AUTHORITY” within all aspects of governance including INTERNATIONAL LAW, thus re-thinking the Canadian economy to automatically turn taxation into DIVIDENDS.

In order to legally succeed in making this much needed positive change; our goal is to reach above and beyond the 51% of the required number of people in each province to finally come together under the umbrella of the official Canadian Peoples’ Union.

Doing so allows the people to lawfully and legally take back our consent after having delegated our governance to political representatives when voting in elections to a “de facto” Representative Democracy system by issuing our proxies to them.

Voting for politicians in a REPRESENTATIVE democracy places these civil servants in the role of masters through a masterminded coup that only serves to remove our powers  which they are  handing over to PRIVATE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATIONS on a silver platter without our consent.

These acts are presently being implemented  by all levels of CANADIAN GOVERNANCE further eroding our right  to determine our own system of governance as a collective.


The Canadian Peoples’ Union (CPU) Freedom 2017, has been established with the purpose of uniting the citizens in creating a much needed political democratic change by instilling, a long overdue pure direct democracy “POWER BY THE PEOPLE” system of GOVERNANCE as the official shareholders of the Crown of Canada


What we should focus on and need to achieve in every community worldwide


Please note: that our website is still under construction so please bare with us while we get organized.

In the meantime, as time is running out, we ask that everyone work at getting as many people as humanly possible to join the union and to e-sign the Citizen’s Convention of Consent.

As long as the people have final decision making authority, we can save our country from public and private corporate political, financial, human and natural resource chaos.

However; one legally binding document between the people and truly devoted human beings, together can positively change the world by being the example we need to be.

A tall order you may say.  Maybe, but what else do we have to lose? Nothing!


With the 3P’s – Public, Private Partnerships; Private Corporations given their 50% plus share ownership of our Public and Infrastructure Corporations, we and our governments are at their mercy!



See:  The first video “Capitalism explained” and you will see how the private corporations owning more voting shares than the people puts us at a financial risk without a real remedy.

The second video below will show you how these Private International Corporations in management of our public services can be lethal to the financial and mental health of citizens worldwide as we are already feeling it too in Canada.

BEWARE of the 3P's