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Canadians own Canada’s Paper Crown and its Assets.


Being that the Canadian Constitution is in itself deceptive, it needs to reflect the PEOPLE as the true power of the Crown. Therefore, all Canadians and Indigenous Nations must immediately command their collective sovereign and veto rights beyond the executive, fraudulently neglected from insertion in the Canada Constitution 1867-1982.



  • The Crown is an abstract concept or symbol that represents the state and its government.
  • In a monarchy, the Crown is an abstract concept or symbol that represents the state and its government. In Canada, a constitutional monarchy, the Crown is the source of non-partisan sovereign authority and an integral part of the legislative, executive and judicial powers that govern the country. Under Canada’s system of responsible government (or democracy), the Crown performs each of these functions on the binding advice, or through the actions of, members of parliament, ministers, or judges.

It's time to empower Canadians and the Indigenous Nations

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Our purpose is to bring justice to the People of a free democratic society when our government has placed everyone at risk of losing our  Canadian National and Economic Sovereignty through a forced globalization, depletion of our public assets and the lowering of our Constitutional Public Accounting Standards leaving Canadians victims through improper accounting measures creating securities fraud by adopting the International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS).

Furthermore, placing all Canadian and the Indigenous Nations at risk of suffering more deadly health issues through the refusing of delaying 5G Network implementation without the People’s consent.

Since legal action cost money, we will need everyone interested in participating in the Tort Suits to signup, by pledging their donations for legal fees. Donation Pledgers must be paid Members of the Canadian Peoples’ Union NFP.

CPU Members and Indigenous Peoples

Canadian and Indigenous Constitutional Public Interest Class Actions:

  1. Constitutional Public Interest Class Action to change the Constitution to the People as the Sovereigns with the Royal Prerogative (final decision-making authority) “exclusive executive” veto power instead of the Queen and the Government of Canada. This was purposely left out of the Constitution in 1931 and 1982.


Tort Claim Class Action for CPU Members and Indigenous Torts:

Tort Claims (monetary)

  1. Sovereignty and Collective Rights Malfeasance
  2. 5G imlementation
  3. IFRS implementation
  4. Public Assets.

*** Even if you aren’t participating in the claims, everyone wanting Direct Democracy and our VETO Rights should eSign their Citizen’s Convention of Consent form if they haven’t already done so here:


The People being: The Citizens/ Constituents



This Fundraising campaign pledge is to help with hiring a Legal team to proceed with Constitutional Public Interest Class Action and Intentional Tort Actions.

If you are not a Canadian Peoples’ Union member, please register for a CPU membership before proceeding to the court actions here: CPU membership 


  1. Participants must be Canadian Peoples’ Union (CPU) Members,
  2. Pledges must be paid upon the registration of the pledge,
  3. Pledgers will receive a private forum to access to discuss the case files,
  4. Pledgers will have private zoom meetings access,
  5. Pledges are fully refundable minus a 15% administration and setup fee, should a Legal team not be found in taking our cases to court.

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