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Canadians do not have a true democracy in Canada nor a true democratic government by the People.

Fact is, our history proves that Canadians never have since the confederation of Canada…




Harsh Canadian REALITY – Voting serves to give away our voices and rights to a Political Party

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Are Canadian Voters Qualified To Vote For Political Parties?

Are Canadian voters whose party won the last election who are in the minority of the total eligible Canadian populace, truly qualified to vote in political party elections and be able to override the 60.5% of the Canadian citizens who refused to vote for the Liberals in 2015 or in the de facto political party voting system altogether?

The obvious answer to that is “NO”. The liberals or any political parties have won Canadians elections with less than 51% support from the Canadian citizens. Notwithstanding the fact that if they were informed that Canada has a de facto governance, government and constitution, they would no longer support the de facto system and illegitimate Constitution as it creates a form of dictatorship governance instead of a true democracy by the People.

Together, we must end the lies, the corruption and theft of Canada enabled through Representative Democracy elections.

This action finally places the people above government as ” Nothing in Law supersedes the will of the people”.

Do Canadians even KNOW what “TRUE DEMOCRACY” means?

VOTING for political parties in a false Representative Democracy system only serves for voters to steal away their and our rights as the FINAL DECISION MAKERS for Canada by giving it away to “de facto” governments through the political party voting process. See De facto events: the Statute of Westminster 1931 and the Constitution of Canada 1982) 

A de facto government is one which has seized power by force or in any other unconstitutional method and governs in spite of the existence of a de jure government.

In R v Sanson, Justice Watt wrote:

“De facto characterizes a state of affairs which, for all practical purposes, must be accepted notwithstanding its illegality or illegitimacy. The de facto doctrine is sometimes engaged to uphold rights, obligations and other effects which are said to have arisen under an enactment later held to be without constitutional integrity.”

In a 1910 publication on the de facto doctrine, Albert Constantineau wrote:  “The de facto doctrine is a rule or principle of law which, in the first place, justifies the recognition of the authority of governments established and maintained by persons who have usurped the sovereign authority of the State, and asset themselves by force and arms against the lawful government;

Criminal code of Canada: Obedience to de facto law
sec.15 – No person shall be convicted of an offence in respect of an act or omission in obedience to the laws for the time being made and enforced by persons in de facto possession of the sovereign power in and over the place where the act or omission occurs.

R.S., c. C-34, s. 15.  read more here:


To effect positive change, change the system!


How can Canadians move forward from a de facto Representative Democracy to a legitimate shareholder Direct Democracy?

To effectively do so, Canadian citizens MUST STOP VOTING and supporting a false Representative Democracy system, as VOTING for political parties in a false Representative Democracy system only serves for the voters to steal away the rights of all Canadian Citizens and First Nations as being the official “FINAL DECISION MAKERS” for Canada and give it away to “de facto” governments. (De facto events: the Statute of Westminster 1931 and the Constitution of Canada 1982).

Therefore, in order to effect positive change in Canada, WE THE PEOPLE as official non-voters and non-supporters of a De facto Government, simply need to legally esign the Canadian “Citizen’s Convention of Consent” form. This legal and lawful action to instill direct democracy which will also help us to collectively enforce the Canada Crown Corporations Act and demand that the Supreme Court enforce the constitutional changes of 1931 and the further constitutional changes of 1982 that legally placed the people ABOVE the Institutions (Government, Parliament, the courts) and the constitution as the lawful legal shareholders of the Crown and Crown Corporation of Canada and then issue moratoriums on all:

> International trade deals and laws.
> All negotiations regarding our natural and human resources.
> Trilateral North American Treaties to reinstate our Canadian military sovereignty.

Considering our Canadian political history of “de facto” governance, it is obvious that the politicians and the courts since at least 1982, have not and will not make the changes for us until we officially order them to make these significant corrections.


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