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“My Freedom 2017 Power Shift” Official Press Release of Jan. 17th, 2017

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January 17, 2017


My Freedom 2017 Power Shift , The beginning of true Democracy in Canada


It’s official, secure your Canadian Convention of Consent Proxy today!

Fair warning to all International Trade Countries negotiating with Canada.  “My Freedom 2017” has arrived!

Canadians and Indigenous Nations launch “My Freedom 2017” marking the beginning of Direct Democracy People Power in Canada.

Canadians and Indigenous Nations initiate the launch of the myfreedom2017.com website and officially  implement the eSigning of the Canadian Citizen’s Convention of Consent,  legal eform that will serve as  Canadian Convention of Consent Proxies, finally placing the People as being the official Final Decision Makers for Canada once majority of the signed agreements has been reached within the Provinces and Country, retroactive to the implementation of the 1931 Statute of Westminster.

Once the Canadian Citizen’s Conventions of Consent are eSigned by the majority of the People in the Provinces and Territories, then, the only thing standing in the way of Canadians and Indigenous Nations to having Final Decision Making Authority is the much needed removal of the text, “the Queen in right of Canada” and “the Queen in right of the Provinces” in exchange for “the People in right of Canada” and “the People in right of the Provinces” as it should have been done in 1931 or at least in 1982. Finally, both the Canadian Citizens and the Indigenous Nations can move forward together in building a new Two Row Canadian Constitution.

Food for Thought: If Canadians were placed above the Institutions (Governance and Parliament) and the Constitution  within the 1982 patriation, why is it only an illusion?  If the statement was true, then Canadian Citizens and the Indigenous Nations would have control over their governance and the type of system they want.  They could control their finances and resources  and have final decision making authority in all decisions.  They would further have an official proxy as official stakeholders and shareholders. Taxation would then become dividends instead of a burden.

Canadians can also eSign the Citizen’s Convention of Consent legal eform via Mammii’s Democracy Trivia Quiz App on,  iTunes, Google Play and through our various partner websites. 

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  1. Edward Reid

    This is a good idea a bold move and positive challenge…. Thank you

  2. Diane Litster

    Sorry can you please send me more info.?

    1. Nicole Lebrasseur

      Hello Diane, sorry for the delay but I just noticed that my reply didn’t leave the website. If you would like more information, please view our website and listen to the short videos. I know that many of the pages were not quite ready when you first sent your message. Hopefully your questions were answered.

      Thank you for your patience,

      Nicole Lebrasseur

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