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Canadian Governance Solution – Open Letter to all Canadians, abroad and all Countries.

Canadians need Governance reform not Electoral reform!

Canadians to exercise their democratic right to remove the Queen in Right of Canada and the Provinces replaced with  the People in Right of Canada and the Provinces  and  to further instill a pure Direct Democracy system of Governance and Final Decision Making Authority Veto Power by the People, making the Courts and all levels of Governance to be accountable to Fiduciary Obligations to the People.

First of all, we would like to thank those who persisted with tenacity in striving to make positives changes happen in Canada and worldwide. The problems we all face in Canada and in other countries are so numerous that most people do not know which way to go or what to do.

The issues are numerous, causing us to run in circles and we are failing to solve the situation. This is what prevents everyone from focussing on the real issue.  The real issue is our governance.  The politicians who accept trade deals, who sell our natural resources, thereby bypassing the will of the people only to place private corporations above human rights are ruining OUR COUNTRY.

Due to our Politicians and their thirst for global governance, Canada was the first Country to instill the World Trade Act in 1994. We are now, the most sued country in the world because of it. This is only the tip of the iceberg!

More recently with global governance in control, politicians who manage our homeland are depleting our natural resources, selling our own corporations to International corporations all under the manipulation of the United Nations’ corporate steering committees.

These are the same groups who have actually drafted the trade deals like TPP, who plague you with Monsanto’s genetically modified foods, geoengineering and   Weather Modification Information Act and who encourage more Tar sands in Canada.

The creation of the  Public and Private Partnerships (3P’s) also help International companies take over our Canadian affairs at an elevated cost as discovered by the Auditor General of Ontario Bonnie Lysik’s 2016 annual report amongst huge debts coming to Ontario residents in regards to revamping our energy resources and Globalization.

Canadians as well as people worldwide are even more confused about how we can protect ourselves within our own countries. How do we prevent and stop an external control over our healthcare, oil and gas resources, protect our Canadian Wheat Board that was sold to a US/Saudi Arabian company and whatever else that may be sold off as done with the sale of  nursing homes in BC to a Chinese company and the 31 year Oil deal with China?

This ongoing theft from the Canadian population is the result of the Global Governance Corporate agenda.

In order to fulfill the global Governance agenda;  every other country needs to have corporate assets in all countries such as being done now in Canada in order to enable them to regulate our Countries and us at the international level  as they are presently doing under cop21 and all other trade deals.

How can we stop this? Canadians have found the solution. There is only one way to stop globalization from taking over all that we have in our Country as NOTHING in LAW supersedes the WILL of the PEOPLE, this is fact. The legislatures and laws in most Countries are carbon copies of each other.

Because of the fact that our governments are behaving as our masters instead of our civil servants and have refused to address these issues; then  the only solution for the people in all  affected Countries is for the people to create a legally binding contract amongst each other without needing consent by anyone to do so, since we are already our judicial courts and governments employers.

For Canada and Canadians; we have created the “Indigenous and Civil Unified Sovereign Enactment”, Citizen’s Convention of Consent to officially claim our rights to Political self-Determination and Self-Governance with all equally claimant Constituents stating;

(Name)  hereby claim right of Political Self-Determination and Political Self Governance collectively with all equally claimant constituents in Canada wherein I reside. Having read, cognitively understood and acknowledged all natural inalienable rights conferred to me as a citizen and soul, I solemnly swear before witness that I am in full agreement and consent with this convention and I do rightfully consent to the abolishment of political party representation on my behalf, and move onto the implementation and Enforcement of ‘THE DIRECT DEMOCRACY SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE (DDSG**) AND THE CREATING OF A NEW CONSTITUTION FOR CANADA’ and the compliance with and upholding of all ‘THE INDIGENOUS TREATY RIGHTS’.

(**(DDSG) Historical & exceedingly functional Governance System proposed by the ‘i-ACUSE’ movement in which Final Decision Making Authority is held and set forth by the population through the voting process and within which no; single person, select group of elite or select party, could have any final decision making power or authority on any Major issue or matter affecting the population in general, all National, Provincial and Municipal decisional powers being subject to a majority vote by the affected population. *See http://www.i-acuse.com under the tab ‘Direct Democracy’)

Upon reaching a majority signing of this document by consenting constituents in Canada, this convention will thereafter be concluded as Enacted and shall hold Official Standing. All conferred rights of authority and powers shall be transferred to the Population, as well as will be enforced the collective ownership of land & rights of property and the independence they apportion. Direct Democracy shall Officially move into effect and the new governance system shall be as seamlessly possible instigated, wherein a new Constitution shall be by the people created.”

Read more: Convention of Consent

You and we, hold the POWER.

It is each our personal responsibility to effect real change, only we the true shareholders of our Countries can do this!

The time for action is now. 


The Canadian FACTS:

Canadians are deemed at the International level to have already been decolonized which means; the people rule The Crown of Canada. The old Canadian Crown titles and acts were only kept by the politicians of the time to assert their control over the people since 1931 and again by Trudeau in 1982 to now. To truly change anything would mean that the Canadian people and the First nations  could be back at the tables and the existing private corporations could lose their assets.

It’s time for the people to RULE as they should have been since 1931 in Canada. In 1982, according to the Canadian Government website, Canadians were placed above the Institutions (governing bodies etc.) and the Constitution.

As Canadian citizens, WE OFFICIALLY RULE, but legally we were never asked what type of governance we wanted on purpose because the Provincial, Federal and Municipal Governments may lose their rights over us. It’s time, we change that before they sell all that we have and leave us with nothing left as they have done with other countries.


The Queen has literally nothing to do with Canada other than being a shrine on a wall.

See Pg. 561: the Canadian Government rule book that every Canadian needs to have in the link: manual-of-official-procedure-of-the-goc

Also see: What every Politician, Political Party and all Canadians and First Nations need to know about our FAKE Democracies!


17 Facts:

  1. The People own the Governments. We elect them. We give them the right to govern. We can take that right away even without laws to do so. We, the people are the law in our Countries!
  1. Canadians are the Crown of Canada. Not the Queen nor the Canadian Government!
  1. The Bank of Canada is owned by the people, not the government. Canadians used to create their own money, now we are in debt because we lease German  technology to create our money and have borrowed from private banks, leaving us deep into debt, no thanks to Pierre Trudeau in 1974 but we can change that and make it even better and be debt free.
  1. Canadians are the employers of: The Queen, the Governor General, the Governors in Council, the Parliamentarians, legislatures, the Prime Minister, Premiers etc. All that is the Crown of Canada.
  1. Our Governance is run under Corporate law. The Constituents act rules allow our forced upon Representative democracy electoral system  to rule over us.  This is due to our present voting system of 51% majority rule.  However in Canada our elected Representatives allow themselves to be elected below to required 51% of the Constituent majority votes. To be correct, they would need all Canadians to vote. This means there is no real consensus in Canada on which political party runs our government nor are the parliamentarians or legislatures supported by 51% of Canadians to sit in parliament or legislatures. Adding insult to injury, the senators which are our last line of protection against bad governance and laws are not voted in by the people. They have been strategically placed there and are also to blame for our dilemmas in Canada.
  1. There is no fiduciary responsibility held by the governments and those managing our affairs or liability in public law due to the people by the  Canadian governance  levels, given the fact that we are their employer and not their client as with fiduciary responsibility in private law.
  1. According to legal precedence and court judgements; Judges, police, doctors, hospitals, etc. only owe fiduciary duty to Canadians as whole. They do not owe a single person or less than 51% majority of Canadians fiduciary obligations. This is why they can arrest you during protests because now, you are a threat to disrupting Canadians as a whole.
  1. Canadians are ruled under the charter, which is nothing more than a loophole venue for the government to use against the people. It is the farce, the illegitimate claim, the lie and deception on their  having given us personal rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Supreme Court precedence’s also prove that.
  1. The supreme court precedent demands that we can only speak of ourselves when taking the government or any other corporate entity to court . In order to speak for the rest of Canadians or at least the majority, we need a signed contract/document stating that we are all in agreement by the majority of the community, affected province, or country. If we do not have a legal right to represent everyone’s authority though their expressed consent, then it is thrown out of court  or we can only represent ourselves, this is when we are placed under common law jurisdiction as individuals.
  1. 1931 Statute of Westminster and the 1982 Constitution changes placed Canadians above the institutions and constitution (see government website). Every democratic Country has that benefit however, the governments never allowed the people to chose their own governance, it was dictated to us. Our 150 year History proves that 100%. On April 17, 1982, the Queen promulgated the Constitution Act, 1982, which includes the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, recognition of the rights of Aboriginal peoples, the multicultural character of Canadian society, and patriation of the constitutional amending powers previously reserved to the British Parliament. Patriation reaffirmed the primacy of the rule of law and the sovereignty of the Canadian people over this country’s institutions and constitution.



See Queen Elizabeth II 

  1. Voting for representatives takes away our  personal shareholder rights to a 1 share vote in Canada. This right is given to the politicians to make decisions for us, make our laws and rule over us.
  1. ABSOLUTE FACT: Nothing in LAW supersedes the (majority) WILL of the People, period! What the majority say, is what will be.  Once we have majority, then Canadians can decide to engage a much higher level of consensus from let’s say “70% to 100%” which will be needed for decision making depending on what they want and choose.
  1. Canadians need to take matters into our own hands to revoke all levels of Canadian Government assumed delusional proxy power over us.
  1. This can be done with 51% majority signatures such as with the citizens convention of consent legally binding contract between the people – it CANNOT be a petition. A petition is not a legal document.
  1. The people in each Province needs to achieve 51% signatures of their legal declaration and consent via the Citizen’s Convention of Consent. Once 51% of the People in a province achieve this, then the province has to comply with the people in that province.
  1. Due to the Crown of Canada and First Nations sharing in all of Canada given the treaties, the treaties supersede Canadian control of the territories of Canada.
  1. AS the official Shareholders of the Crown of Canada due to the decolonization process of 1931 Canadian citizens and in 1982; the control of ALL PROVINCES and TERRITORIES across Canada need to be legally affirmed by the people and put in place since it was purposefully not legally done within our laws and texts to allow the governments to control  the people.  Therefore because the governments have not done their  duties to the people ,  we the people  need to take the legal initiative to remove final decision making authority by all levels of governance.


Within a true democracy and democratic voting system, it is supposed to mean that; We the people rule as the official shareholders but have given it away during an election until we  democratically change it.  The politicians do not want this to happen which is why they have never given us  true referendums or direct democracy. Therefore, we need to take matters into our own hands. In order to enforce our rule, we must regain our proxies which were given to the political parties when we voted.

We trust that you will give this letter and the solution offered herein, serious thought and contemplation. Our focus needs to be directed and unified  to the real problem at hand and that is our “Political Governance and Sovereignty” as a people in each of our Countries.

To succeed in making certain that nothing or anyone could manipulate the Canadian population again with bait and switch tactics as used worldwide by our Politicians and Courts through corporate agendas, we need 51% of Canadians to eSign, the Citizen’s Convention of Consent so that the Governments or Courts could NEVER  behave as our dictators ensuring their reign over us.

a 100% Final Decision Making Authority needs to be transferred to the people and officially removed from the hands of our present dictatorial governance whom have made themselves our Masters instead of Public servants!

We trust that you will see the reality of what needs to be done to effect positive change in not only Canada but worldwide.

No Corporation should have the right to repossess  any Country assets and hold the people responsible for debts incurred on purpose by their Politicians resulting in situations like Greece or Syria etc.

Worldwide UN Corporate Corruption needs to end NOW!

If you would like more information, you can contact us at: www.myfreedom.2017.com

Kind regards,

Nicole Lebrasseur

Edu-Sante Research Inc.

My Freedom 2017


Tel. 519.774.0850

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  1. Tim Bartels

    Sounds excellent! It’s time to be rid of the royal family…

  2. Wilfred Léger


  3. Robert T. Chisholm

    I just got the announcement of the following Canadian Club event in Ottawa, scheduled for April 18th:-


    Note the outrageous price of $64.20 for a SINGLE TICKET. As far as I’m concerned this is just an image-building exercise designed to appeal to big corporations but nobody else. From my perspective – as in the case of SNC-Lavalin Inc. – Canadian corporate governance is very poor and contrives to selectively cover up corruption when someone reports it. I wouldn’t want to see the likes of SNC-Lavalin Inc. being allowed to promote their brand of governance overseas unless they prove to my satisfaction that they are going to reform themselves properly. Please access and sign my petitions on Avaaz and Change.org from my Facebook page at:- https://www.facebook.com/ExposeSNCcorruption/

    I have been to a few of these Canadian Club luncheon events before. I find them interesting in some respects – but I find that the time allowed for questions after the guest speakers’ presentations is so short (probably intentionally) as to be virtually useless. It’s just another case of “show” without substance and little or no time for any debate.

  4. Robert T. Chisholm

    Please see above.

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