Our Country in Peril

Canada Leads New World Order

Our Country in PERIL


  1. The first worldwide coup was through the imperial conference Statute of Westminster. 1917-1931- Read more
  2. The second worldwide coup d’etat was created by instilling Representative Democracy (this is a false democracy as you can only vote on “who” rules over you through a dictatorship agenda). – Read more
  3. The third was to dismantle the League of Nations for the creation of the United Nations for complete control of humanity through the private banking cartels. – Read More
  4. The fourth was Canada paying and having BC & Quebec Lawyers draft the International Crimes Court (ICC) Statutes of Rome – Read more
  5.  The fifth was to finalize their masterplan by instilling the Public-Private Partnerships 1993 (P3’s) private corporation worldwide takeover of country infrastructures and privatization of our public assets etc. worldwide. – Read more

FYI – Canada was the first Country to initiate the 1994 WTO ACT & P3’s (1993) which launched the finalization of the Corporate Global control of the Planet by the World Bank Group through the UN. – Read more

  • Canada was a founding member of the League of Nations 1919 – Read more
  • Canada leads the way on progressive trade at Eleventh WTO Ministerial Conference in Argentina – Read more