PowerShift to Freedom Political Guide


The Political “PowerShift to Freedom Political Guide” is the only legal solution worldwide to end tyranny. It offers the tools needed for we, the collective people, citizens to legally achieve power in final decision making authority over our governments. It includes the necessary International Law instruments in order to lawfully affirm your collective rights to self-determination.

It is a worldwide legal political POWERSHIFT by the people for the people, is the evolutionary REVOLUTION that we have all been waiting for!

The Great Political PowerShift Challenge, placing we the people as the final decision makers above Government once and for all.

True freedom, is POWER shifting the executive power to the people as the final decision making authority in each country.

In order to take our rightful place in each of our countries, the Queen, a Governor, a Monarch or a President, must be replaced by the collective People as the HEAD of STATE with full prerogative and executive powers over our Governments.

We’ve always had what is known as parliamentary democracy, or other forms of democracy that do not involve the people of the countries beyond voting for who will speak on their behalf.

What we are proposing is to switch to a collective policy democracy whereby the people work with those they elect to solve issues and create solutions that work for them, in their riding, in their province, in Canada as a whole, so that the people can collectively self-determine with those they elect, what needs to be done.

This will remove the corruption that is currently taking place worldwide due to those elected working only for their respective political parties.

In a country such as Canada, the Canadian and Indigenous people have a lawful collective right to self- determination and to be understood as both together as having full prerogative, executive powers. The people of all countries can do the same with possible minor variances.

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