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What every Politician, Political Party and all Canadians and First Nations need to know about our FAKE Democracies!

What is true democracy and does it even exist?   Yes, true democracy does exist but its a well hidden truth. It's why we have focussed our lives on exposing it's existence so that people will no longer be robbed of the truth and their rights in each country! What we are working to avoid, [...]

“My Freedom 2017 Power Shift” Official Press Release of Jan. 17th, 2017

Media Distribution – Canada, UK and Ireland Canada Newswire     January 17, 2017   My Freedom 2017 Power Shift , The beginning of true Democracy in Canada   It’s official, secure your Canadian Convention of Consent Proxy today! Fair warning to all International Trade Countries negotiating with Canada.  “My Freedom 2017” has arrived! Canadians […]

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