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Propaganda and Fake News created by the Canadian Government

What do you really think of NAFTA and the new International Trade Deals such as CETA and the TPP?

These are only a few that you know about. But, what about all the other deals Canadians and the Indigenous Nations are not being made aware of?

Take a look at the program from June 2009, (PDF) read the itinerary and place the pieces of the puzzle together to see what turns up. Then take a good long look at the UN’s involvement in the setting up and drafting of these trade deals, then you tell me, if you still think the UN is our friend?

Bait and switch tactics are constantly used by our politicians over and over. It’s like a nonstop spinning wheel that People never seem to be able to get out of.

Nothing has changed in 150 years, and it won’t change until we speak up loud and clear and doing it ourselves.

If we want real positive change, then it’s up to each and every one of us, to make it happen. After all, who’s made to truly suffer at the hands of rotten deals that cost us billions in legal fees and lawsuit payouts other than our families?

Bait and switch tactics are constantly used by our politicians as it is obvious, that they do not work for the best interest of Canadians. Otherwise, they would not be making laws to ensure that  Canadian citizens are not owed fiduciary duty . It is like a nonstop spinning wheel that people never seem to be able to get out of.

According to our governing bodies, these deals were going to help Canadians. Thus far, Canada is the #1 most sued Country in the World. Ontario is being sued over Hydro one just to name a few. These were not done in good faith, they were done through incompetence.

See: My Freedom 2017 Power Shift, The End of Canadian Political Oppression

By Nicole Lebrasseur

January17, 2017

Governance Research and Canadian Judicial Court precedence prove that Queen Elizabeth II, all of the Governor Generals, the Judicial System and all other Canadian Governance officials and Politicians are guilty of dictatorship, misrepresentation and of defrauding the Trade Countries,  Canadians and the Indigenous Nations in Canada since 1931 and the patriation of the Canadian Constitution in 1982. Other charges include, misfeasance, malfeasance and nonfeasance. That is just a beginning.

Given what has transpired in Canada, Countries should be made aware that the Canadian governments for the most part had no jurisdiction to negotiate any trade deals concerning our natural resources or the use thereof. Given historical facts, Canada in all corporate aspects has been fraudulent in regards to the Indigenous Nations, Territories and Treaties and to the Canadian Citizens in regards to indigenous negotiations. The only ones who can remedy these facts are the Canadian Citizens and the Indigenous Nations themselves.  Therefore, possibly rendering all previous International, National, and Provincial negotiations of all aspects treasonous by all levels of our governing bodies as early as the implementation of the British North America Act of 1867 since the Canadian People and the Indigenous Nations were conveniently continuously mislead to this very day of January 17th, 2017.

It’s official.

No Legal Fiduciary Obligations held by Police, Politicians, Judges and Governments to Citizens. No such Law exists in Public Law for Canadian Citizens (except for Indigenous peoples under sec 35 of the Constitution of Canada and to Veterans) in Canada or any Citizens in Commonwealth Countries such as New Zealand and Australia as well as with the USA. It only exists in Private law. Read more

Kathleen Wynne, Ontario Provincial Government and  Hydro One



Here is a great example of just how much the Trade deals would benefit Canadians, and it’s coming to a province near you and NOT just Ontario.


Toronto Star

By ROB FERGUSON Queen’s Park Bureau
ROBERT BENZIE Queen’s Park Bureau Chief

Wed., Dec. 2, 2015

Ontarians paid $37 billion extra for electricity from 2006-14, says auditor general Bonnie Lysyk.

Ontario’s electricity consumers are being zapped for tens of billions of dollars due to overpriced green energy, poor government planning, and shoddy service from Hydro One, says auditor general Bonnie Lysyk.

In her annual report, she concluded ratepayers forked out $37 billion more than necessary from 2006 to 2014 and will spend an additional $133 billion by 2032 due to global adjustment electricity fees on hydro bills. Read more

After the hydro one scandal and the Ombudsman getting over 11, 000 complaints from Hydro One customers, Kathleen win created a law to prevent the auditor General or the ombudsman or anyone else for that matter to be able to investigate Hydro One and her government over it.

Now, let’s move forward to more propaganda and bait and switch tactics of the Liberal government, Indian Affairs and The Assembly of First Nations ( AFN).

The past and present Canadian and Provincial Governments seem to have been pushing the AFN to become the Government for First Nations across Canada. However,  The Nations have refused since AFN is only an advocacy group which represents mostly, Band Councils which are in fact Canadian Government Agents and were imposed upon the Nations.

AFN, Band Councils  and  Canadian Provincial and Federal Governments have portrayed a lie to Canadians and to the International Trade Countries, Organizations and Corporations damaging false information as to who really has jurisdiction over Crown lands reserved for the Nations  and unceded territories in Canada.



Now, without having to get into too much details; on July 13th, 2016, the above parties participated in what seems to be an obvious attempt to mislead everyone  into thinking that AFN and Band Councils can speak for the Nations across Canada. Here is how they did it during the AFN annual meeting in Niagara Falls Ontario.

Here is what was posted on the AFN website in regards to the July 13th Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding:

Memorandum of Understanding for a Fiscal Relationship Working Group

On July 13th, at the Annual General Assembly in Niagara Falls, Assembly of First Nations (AFN) National Chief Bellegarde and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) Minister Bennett signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the work required to establish a new fiscal relationship.

The AFN’s 2015 “Closing the Gap” priorities document called for lifting the 2% cap on annual funding increases to First Nations and the establishment of a new fiscal relationship with the Government of Canada, including new fiscal transfer arrangements with equitable escalators for ongoing funding. In response to the AFN’s advocacy, the Prime Minister made this an important part of his mandate letters to Ministers Bennett (INAC) and Morneau (Finance). At the AFN Special Chiefs Assembly in December, 2015, the Prime Minister again committed to lifting the 2% cap and stated that, “It’s time for a new fiscal relationship with First Nations that gives your communities sufficient, predictable and sustained funding.  This is a promise we made, and a promise we will keep.”

The first step towards this goal is carrying out the necessary technical work. A joint technical working group will be established under the MOU to prepare recommendations and options for the consideration of First Nations leadership and by Canada. The technical working group on fiscal relations is expected to report back to the Minister, the National Chief and Executive by December 31, 2017. A Chiefs Committee on Fiscal Relations also will be established to provide oversight and direction to the AFN representatives on the technical working group.

The recommendations arising from this work will be presented again to Chiefs-in-Assembly for review, discussion and direction before any further steps are taken. As stated in the MOU, it “is not intended to impede or replace any existing initiatives or processes of any First Nation” and “shall not diminish, derogate, abrogate or infringe any existing aboriginal, treaty, legal, inherent or any other rights of First Nations.”

A copy of the MOU is attached to this Communiqué. Additional information will be made available as the work progresses.

 See it on their website: Memorandum of Understanding between the Assembly of First Nations and Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada

Please read the document to try to see what is misleading within this document they claim to have signed in agreement, to everyone and especially, the media.

 See answers here: to see what is most outstanding and misleading for those who did not get a chance to view the items in the document.

Once you see these things happening in business or agreements by our Canadian Government , it can make  one wonder why we continue to allow them to rule over us. This is far from the tip of the iceberg!

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