The Judicial Review, Court of Public Opinion

We plan on making certain the public get their say!

My Freedom 2017The Judicial Review, Court of Public Opinion”, will cover Politics & Governance so that Canadians  and Indigenous Nations can get a sense of what is transpiring in Canada and a chance to express their own opinions.


Public Perceptions of the Canadian Judiciary

The Canadian Forum on Civil Justice 110 Law Centre University of Alberta Edmonton

AB T6G 2H5 Revised Version, December 2005

Despite the number of sources reviewed for this report, we found surprisingly little research specifically about public perceptions of the judiciary or related issues. An overall conclusion is that we actually have very little reliable and valid evidence with which to answer the questions posed in this report about public views of the Canadian judiciary, or even about the justice system in general, in any detail.

The information sources of potential interest fall into three broad categories: commentary based on personal experience and/or opinion; results from large-scale national or provincial research (surveys, opinion polls, major research overviews involving more than 1,000 responses); and smaller scale research studies limited either by number of respondents or narrowness of focus. Each type of information source contributes information of varying degrees of value and limitation. Based on these preliminary observations, this report has been organized into four main discussion areas:

1. What we think that the public thinks: personal experiences and reflections.

2. The ‘evidence’ of public opinion: large scale polls and surveys.

3. A more complicated public: insights from smaller research studies.

4. What we know; what we don’t know; and what to do about it.

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  1. Sandra MacDonald

    Are you telling me that as a Canadian citizen I can’t express my view..

    1. Nicole Lebrasseur

      Hi Sandra, thanks for the question; however, there are many ways that this question can be answered. I’ll try to answer as best I can according to my experience and research as this section is your opinion we are looking for and to enable others to express their own opinions on the post subject.

      Your comment:
      Are you telling me that as a Canadian citizen I can’t express my view..

      My answer:
      Canadians can express their views but the real question is; will they really listen and take what you said into consideration back into their debates during their party meetings, parliamentary and legislature debates to bring what you have expressed to the table? If they truly did listen to the people, we would have real referendums and not just a few well crafted plebiscite questions within the last 150 yrs where the government can retain veto over the outcome.

      I will be posting an explanation as to why our voices really don’t matter within our present political party governance system that may help you better understand why our website and the Citizen’s Convention of Consent are necessary for Canadians to get familiar with and undertake to be posted within the next day or so.

      In the meantime, please read all you can in our website and listen to our videos hopefully they will answer many questions you may have.

      Again, thank you for your question. It has helped me to put down on paper more of what needs to be said.

      Warmest regards,
      Nicole Lebrasseur

  2. Kim Minor

    When creating a new constitution for Canada please explain what “the compliance with and upholding of all ‘The Indigenous Treaty Rights’ mean. If we move forward as a nation are these treaties going to be something that parts us? I’m not great at this but hopefully I don’t offend any one with my opinions. I believe that Canada was made from its traditions and we should not have to change for anybody who has been invited to come to this country to live as an Canadian citizen. Our history should be something that is taught in every Canadian school good and bad. Yes we are a diverse Nation of people but let us not forget we are a Country with heritages and traditions that have made us who we are today, Canada

    1. Nicole Lebrasseur

      Hi Kim, thanks for your questions. We are definitely on the same page. The Convention of Consent is designed to honor the Treaties since it has to focus on the Canadian crown corporation as the convention can only be for the Canadian citizens not under the Treaties. However, we further promote the creation of a Two Row constitution where we would have direct democracy on both sides and then come together on issues that affect us all.

      It’s a lot to understand, but in the end, the people will be the ones deciding. And yes, as Canadians, we must always honor the treaties and strive to make things better for everyone. We do have a video called, bridging between cultures you may not have seen in my freedom 2017. We also have more videos in www. you might like to listen too. We can’t change the past, but we sure can make things right for all.

      Here is the video

      Hope this helps

      Nicole Lebrasseur.

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