This urgent announcement is to let everyone know that the Canadian Governments have stolen the peoples sovereign veto rights that place us as the final decision makers over the government.

Our Canadian Sovereignty is being destroyed by our own politicians in exchange for the world government, global governance. Our governments have also handed over our public corporations assets, management and infrastructure, to private corporations at the cost of the Canadian people.

They have stolen our right by conning the citizens into giving away our power, through Representative Democracy Elections every four years. Which they have claimed gives them parliamentary sovereignty to make all decisions for us.

They have further unlawfully placed the Queen as the official sovereign of Canada in our constitution without the people’s consent.

The Canadian government have further stolen for itself the exclusive right to executive prerogative, yet again without our lawful expressed consent.

This theft of our rights can be lawfully changed with the support of all Canadians, so that together we can  ensure the future of our country and the health, wellbeing and safety of our children once and for all.

If you do not approve of the theft of your and your children’s rights by the Canadian Governments. and wish to help us enforce  this constitutional change within the Canadian Constitution ASAP to reflect our sovereign, and executive power over our governments, then you will need to do two things:

1- go to webpage to sign the Citizen’s convention of Consent legal document. You can watch the videos or read the information provided regarding our legal court action.

2- join the Canadian peoples union at canadian peoples or my freedom

3- Participating CPU members can email us to let us know, if they would like to help organize their community, in order to instill this powershift action by we the people.

Please heed this warning, as time is of the essence, before we are too late.


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