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Unity is strength & the pen is mightier than the sword.

Are You a Canadian Citizen?


It’s time to clean up our Governance before it is too little too late.

Together, Canadians are working towards resetting the Crown of Canada, by asserting our final decision making authority for our Country over our de facto Governments since 1931.

Definition of de facto: A de facto government is one which has seized power by force or in any other unconstitutional method and governs in spite of the existence of a de jure government. (Duhaime’s law dictionary)

Ask yourself this: are you happy with what the Federal and Provincial Governments are doing regarding our Canadian assets and in our governance?


If not, then you should know that together in law we can establish our control over the government as Federal and Provincial Crown Corporation shareholders.

The Canadian Peoples’ Union Freedom 2017 is designed to assist not only the PEOPLE, the official/unofficial shareholders of the Crown of Canada, but also to further assist the politicians and the judiciary in all levels of:

  • Federal, Provincial, Municipal and Band Council governments, the courts and private corporation stakeholders. Through the agency of the Canadian Peoples’ Union Freedom 2017 this will effectively transition our system from a “de facto” (see definition below) REPRESENTATIVE DEMOCRACY which has led the people to give away their proxy votes to politicians resulting in their forfeiture of their “final decision making authority”. The result will be a true legitimate system of pure DIRECT DEMOCRACY.
  • An opportunity is introduced  for a true legitimate system  geared to Canada’s rightful shareholders, the PEOPLE of Canada. They will be the final decision makers in all aspects of governance, including our laws and Canadian Crown assets within Canada and abroad.


The Patriation of the Canada Constitution Act in 1982, reaffirmed the primacy of the rule of law and the sovereignty of the Canadian people over this country’s INSTITUTIONS and CONSTITUTION.

Canadians are the official shareholders of the Crown Corporation of Canada and all other CORPORATIONS within.


How can we move forward from a de facto Representative Democracy to a legitimate shareholder Direct Democracy?

Canadian citizens MUST STOP VOTING and supporting a false Representative Democracy system, as VOTING for political parties in a false Representative Democracy system only serves for the voters to steal away the rights of all Canadian Citizens and First Nations as being the official “FINAL DECISION MAKERS” for Canada and give it away to “de facto” governments. (De facto events: the Statute of Westminster 1931 and the Constitution of Canada 1982).

Therefore, in order to effect positive change in Canada, WE THE PEOPLE as official non-voters and non-supporters of a De facto Government, simply need to legally esign the Canadian “Citizen’s Convention of Consent” form. This legal and lawful action to instill direct democracy which will also help us to collectively enforce the Canada Crown Corporations Act and demand that the Supreme Court enforce the constitutional changes of 1931 and the further constitutional changes of 1982 that legally placed the people ABOVE the Institutions (Government, Parliament, the courts) and the constitution as the lawful legal shareholders of the Crown and Crown Corporation of Canada and then issue moratoriums on all:

  • International trade deals and laws.
  • All negotiations regarding our natural and human resources.
  • Trilateral North American Treaties to reinstate our Canadian military sovereignty.

Considering our Canadian political history of “de facto” governance, it is obvious that the politicians and the courts since at least 1982, have not and will not make the changes for us until we officially order them to make these significant corrections.




To do this we must reach the majority of the citizens in each province to have them sign a legally binding contract which we have created called  the Citizen’s Convention of Consent  until we reach the majority of the people in 7 of the Canadian provinces and territories.

The Convention of Consent document can be signed using the website navigation links.


The first worldwide coup was through the imperial conference Statute of westminster.

The second worldwide coup d’etat was created by instilling representative democracy…the people with it rule world wide, so all can do what we are doing…which is to legally change our democratic system through a legally binding contract…this could be game over for corruption and the takeover of all countries worldwide by the world bank and the united nations which they control.

The third was to instill the Public-Private Partnerships (P3’s) private corporation worldwide takeover of country infrastructure and privatization of our public assets etc.


Ending 150 years of Canadian Governance Dictatorship Rule!

A true Peoples Union can provide members with a powerful, collective voice to communicate their needs and wants.

A union is not restricted to employees, it can be formed wherever a collective voice is necessary to communicate effectively to those in authority. That is the goal in forming this Canadian Peoples’ Union. One that is authentic and true to its members because we are grassroots people of Canada…

The urgency of establishing the Canadian Peoples’ Union is due to what has been happening in Canada in regards to the different levels of government involvement in the PPP (Public-Private Partnerships) minimum 5 yr. contracts or 25 to 35 yr. contracts already costing 122 billion dollars of Canadian taxpayer funding initiated by the CCPPP – The Canadian Council for Public-Private Partnerships, established by the World Bank group, the United Nations and their partners which when truly looked into, serves to give control of our Public Crown Corporations, assets and infrastructure to private national and international corporations.

Even though at first glance, these partnerships seem positive, very little attention has been given to any clear remedies our Government or that the Canadian taxpayers can enforce against mismanagement of public funds or corruption by these private corporations or over our own government officials.

The PPP is a Worldwide Private Corporate COUP D’ETAT in motion and is a dangerous path to follow which will be undoubtedly detrimental for Canadians and First Nations People of Canada amongst many other issues.



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The Canadian Peoples Union and all of our endeavors leading to it’s creation and implementation is self-funded by its Board of Directors.

 The membership dues cover membership administrative services.

What do the Union $40.00 yearly membership dues further provide?

The membership provides access to:

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  • Representation
  • news, strategy updates and more…

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Membership disclaimer: Members are not responsible nor liable for the actions of the Canadian Peoples’ Union Freedom 2017 not-for-profit corporation.

The CPU union members only pay for administrative fees to join and get information, assistance and as with unions, the members are not responsible for the administration and what they legally undertake or do. Only the Board of Directors are responsible.



Be sure to view the videos below, as they give further background.

The most important information that Canadians need to know is that:

NOTHING in LAW supersedes the WILL of the PEOPLE 
in regards to our GOVERNANCE.


This means that the type of Governance WE the PEOPLE as a whole choose can be how we govern ourselves.  

Our Governing system is not justiciable therefore; Courts cannot judge on our democratic system as it is the will of the people that is supposed to rule it and not politicians.

This is why the political parties want to control which democracy we choose keeping us in a de facto Government because the people of  Canada have never had a referendum to determine their future and their governance as the shareholders of this country under our present de facto democracy.


Must watch and help support if we want to instill our rights.



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